Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for those who visit the Conversation Station.   These rules and policies also help our adult volunteers to provide the best possible supervision.

  1. Membership is open to children in 4th grade and above.
  2. Upon arrival, students are required to sign-in with first and last name along with time of arrival.  Once you come to the Conversation Station, we ask you to remain.
  3. Students are only permitted to leave the Conversation Station one time per day.
  4. If a student chooses to leave, they are required to inform the appropriate adult volunteer.    
  5. If a student wants to leave the Conversation Station again, re-entry will not be permitted.
  6. Parents will be contacted if students have a pattern of leaving the Conversation Station regularly or "drop and go".
  7. A "no touch" policy is enforced.
  8. If you get something out, put it back.
  9. Pick-up after yourself and keep track of your personal items.
  10. We ask that students use the same language they would use in school and refrain from obscenities.
  11. No one should bully you and you cannot bully anyone or be called names. If this becomes a problem, please inform an adult volunteer and they will handle the situation.
  12. The Conversation Station has a 3 strike rule, with the 3rd strike resulting in leaving the CS for the day. 
  13. Continous violations of the Rules and Policies at the Conversation Station may result in a permanent ban for the student member. Your parents maybe called or receive a letter about the situation. 
  14. The Conversation Station telephones are for emergency or local use only.  If you need to use the phone, please ask an adult volunteer.
  15. No loitering will be permitted outside of the Conversation Station or buildings connected to the Conversation Station building.
  16. If you are absent from school, you are not permitted to come to the Conversation Station that day.