18 East Main St. Orwell, Ohio 


...the place to be for kids! 

Where you can meet a friend, make a friend, be a friend! 


Conversation Station                open after school                     from 2 to 5 
Tuesdays through Fridays.

March 31st      CONVERSATION STATION    will be providing         the Bake Sale
 Sacred Heart Church                                         Annual Fish Dinners                                                                        4:00 to 7 PM     
LOOKING AHEAD                                  CS CHINESE AUCTION
A SPECIAL EXCITING RAFFLE    (prizes sponsored by REEL'S AUTO SALES)  CS/Kalposter.jpg    
More questions call 437-5442  
Tickets can be purchased at the Library, Pam's Hair Magic, Reel's Auto Sale or the Conversation Station 


Thank you to those volunteers who have stepped forward to keep our doors open.
Call 437-5442 for more details or to ask questions about the CS.
Since the beginning of this school year, over  $2000.00 has been received from bequeathed donations.  These individuals or their families believe in providing to the community for the youth of our area.


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