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...the place to be for kids! 

Where you can meet a friend, make a friend, be a friend! 


Conversation Station      opened    September 6       after school        from 2 to 5 
Tuesdays through Fridays until more volunteers are found.
Thank you to those who have stepped forward to keep our doors open.
Others may still volunteer, once a month or more regular.   Call 437-5442 for more details and to set up a time to see what it is all about.

Community Fun Days at the Fire Hall
People had fun with Bubble Soccer 
CS/PARADE.jpg CS/bubblefeet8.jpgCS/bubble1HDR.jpgCS/bubble11.jpg
                                            See more pictures on our Upcoming Events/Activities page .  
Activities during Sept. - Pet/Animal awareness month CS/2dogs.jpegCS/dog0.jpeg
Craft Shows   
American Legion  Orwell      Nov. 5th    Saturday    9 to 4
                                                                                                    Nov. 6th          Sunday 9 to 1         
Scarves,  Teas, Jewelry, Swags,  2 year Calendars,  Card Boxes, and  SNOWMEN
Sports Basket Raffle  -   Tickets being sold until Dec. 8th
Sign up for Snowman Scavenger Hunt 
Colebrook Community Center        Dec.  3         Saturday   9 to 4
 Scarves,  Teas, Jewelry, Swags,  2 year Calendars, Card Boxes  and  SNOWMEN
Sign up for Snowman Scavenger Hunt
Wooden Items for sale
Conversation Station Holiday Shop                      Nov. 27   3 to 7 PM
                                                     tickets available open during regular CS hours until Dec. 8th 
10 Raffle Baskets , Scarves,  Teas, Jewelry, Swags,  2 year Calendars, Card Boxes 
More information about these events on the "Upcoming Events" page 
Since the beginning of this school year, over  $2000.00 has been received from bequeathed donations.  These individuals or their families believe in providing to the community for the youth of our area.


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